JamPlayIf you are looking into how to play guitar, then the first thing you want to learn are the basic chords.  This is a very important skill for all beginners to learn first thing.  Find some diagrams of the basic chords, and learn how to read them.  It is good to have a copy of a fret diagram where you can easily see it when you practice.

The first thing you need to start with as you learn how to play guitar, is the three-string “G” chord.  First, play each string listening to the sound and making sure it is nice and clear.  Make sure each string is tuned well.  When you go to play the strings together, if there is one out of sync, you will definitely hear it as sounding a bit flat or dull.  This can also be caused when one of your fingers on your left hand is touching a string by mistake.  By playing the strings individually, you will be able to determine the problem and correct it.

Now that you know how to play the guitar chords, you will start strumming three strings at a time.  You need to know how to mute the strings that you aren’t going to play, then you will have a nice clear sound as you strum the others.  This will help to reduce any extra noise.  You can do this by using your left thumb to mute the fourth, fifth and sixth strings.  To mute these strings you will lightly hold your finger or your thumb directly on the string you don’t want to play.  You will want to remember this as you play a chord and not play the six strings.

Now that you have mastered the “G” chord, it’s time to do the same for the “C” chord.  You will find that the “C” chord is a bit more challenging to get the sound to be nice and clear as it was with the “G” chord.  But with some practice, you will find this will sound just as great.  With this down, you will then move on to the bigger chords, and before you know it, you will know how to play guitar.



How To Play The Guitar – Tip #1


Get yourself a good chord chart: A guitar chord book is your best friend! A basic and essential foundation for learning how to play the guitar is mastering how to play chords. Trying to memorize chords without the assistance of a guitar chord book is nearly impossible.


How To Play The Guitar – Tip #2


Change guitar strings with a plan: Replace, and tune, your strings one at a time, beginning with the thickest and working down to the thinnest. This will help to maintain a constant tension on your instrument, eliminating the need for your guitar to re-stabilize.


How To Play The Guitar – Tip #3


Practice and persistence are key: The true secret to becoming a good, or even great, guitar player is to be persistent in your efforts… and practice, practice, practice.